Sunday, October 3, 2010

So, I guess I just made a blog

Well, I don't have a facebook, twitter, or any other social-networking site account so it's whatever. I do what most college aged people do; I'm pretty average. But I don't think that makes anyone's opinion invalid so I guess an informal blog would be the best way to go to kinda dip my feet into the social website medium, it's not really my forte. I have a typically average existence, I go to my local community college but I'm very happy with my place in the world. Considering a majority of people are struggling to survive day to day I figure being a young American with parents that have jobs is incredibly well off, in the global sense.

I'm going to community college for computer science, I think it's really interesting. I wonder what it's gonna be like to finally be on my own one day. Hopefully there's some kind of graduate program I could get into after I get a bachelor's degree in some technological field, I want to be a PhD one day. But that's a pipe dream I guess; or not. History class is great though, I can't ever get enough of ancient civilizations and humanity's past. People don't change really it seems to me. Ancient China and Egypt are some of the best civilizations to study, with India being up there too; they're my favorite. I don't read as much as I should, maybe if anyone who comments suggests any good books we could exchange favorites or something, I don't know. My day's pretty much already over; I went out yesterday and stayed up till very early. I went with my friend for a long car ride and that was about it. I enjoyed myself though; we listened to some Azeda Both on the way to our destination. They're good in my opinion but maybe you guys could decide for yourselves( ). I figure I'd talk about something other people could relate to also, music is pretty universal.

I haven't really seen any good movies lately. I saw an anime called Metropolis and then I watched the original 1930s version cause it was on some list of movies to watch before you died so I watched it. It's german and was the most expensive silent film ever made, 5 million marks I think. It was pretty good; nazi's loved the film though. Directors kinda abandoned the film as such, but that was when the nazis were still active. The film now is actually really impressive, the set pieces are really neat but I don't speak german so I looked up the plot on wikipedia. It's a nice movie.

I guess this is a sufficient first post, good bye.


  1. I love India too. Hoping to go there one of these days. I wish you the best of luck and can't wait to read more from you :D

  2. Hope to see more posts from you

  3. check out siddharta by herman hesse, it really changed my mind!
    also nothing new in the west (sorry i dont know the exact english title.. for me its "im westen nichts neues"