Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My last CS office game

I'm ok at CS:source; I think it's really fun regardless of how well I'm doing. But more often than not I don't do too well. Here are a bunch of screenshots I took in my last CS office session.

I could post some more screenshots from different games. I think I'm only going to post ones that stand out to me, particularly striking images. Should be a nice project.


  1. Unfortunately I recently got vac banned but if you traffic any unsecure servers maybe I will see you sometime and we can play a round or two.

  2. I like the facial shots you got. Those are always really nice-looking.

  3. God I laughed at the spray in the first picture. :P

  4. God I remember when 1.6 was new and totally the shit. Ohhh nostalgia

    - HFG