Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More CS

I've been relatively busy with the events of my life but haven't we all? I guess I almost forget about my blog but fear not, I haven't been entirely neglectful. Here are some more CS screenshots, I've been playing a lot more and I'm actually marginally improving. It's incredibly fun to play CS stoned, yet it's a double edged sword. While I sometimes go on great kill streaks, sometimes I go four or more rounds with nothing. Sometimes I play super focused and other times I'll get distracted, whatever.

I normally play on those 24/7 dust, dust2, office, etc servers with the extended amount of maximum players. I figure it's good practice. You know that some studies have found that people who play a lot of twitch games like unreal tournament or CS or something like that have better reflexes than the average person. That is with like 20 hours a week of playing or something, but still it makes sense that the more you play the faster your brain can process stimuli. It applies outside of video games too, I think it really applies to quick decision making where you have to weigh out the possible outcomes. The rapid pace of the game helps your brain. When you spend time playing video games, look at it like exercise for your brain and cognitive skills. Still get physical exercise too though, you'll probably be happier if you exercise. I know the few times I actually work out I feel better afterward. Have a good day guys.