Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blonde Redhead Concert

Yesterday I went to a concert with some friends. Blonde Redhead were headlining, with another man opening up for them: Pantha Du Prince. But there was a third band playing that opened up first, Blood Feathers. The show began exactly at 830 which was very considerate of the performers; last time I went to that particular venue I had to wait an exorbitant amount of time before anyone began performing. This show however was absolutely fantastic. I haven't been to many concerts recently so this totally blew me away. The middle performer, Pantha Du Prince, played continuously for over a hour. I didn't even realize his set was that long cause I was so captivated by his music. It was a fantastic social outing.

The show ended around midnight; my friends drove and I took the train. We said our goodbyes and took our respective methods of transportation home.Walking around a city at night is always an experience. I only had to walk two or three blocks from the concert to the train station so it was relatively pleasant. Some man asked me if I needed to find a place to stay for the night, I guess he thought I was homeless or something. I said no thanks. Another man offered to sell me cigarettes but I don't smoke and told him so. The train ride was quite though. Last time I was on the train I was drunk with all my friends and we joked around with a police officer; I think everyone else on that train was drunk too. I'm grateful that I'm allowed to do all these wonderful things. I hope you guys get infinite satisfaction from all your endeavors too. Have a good one and love your fellow man.

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