Friday, October 8, 2010


So I only have one class today at my local community college; it's at 12:00 pm but I slept through it. So I decided a couple days ago that I was going to go into the city with my friends today cause it's friday. They're not leaving for a while so I could have went to class and made it with plenty of time to spare but it's nice to relax sometimes too. It's going to be columbus day this monday in america so I get a four day weekend, which is pretty nice I guess. I'm not gonna do much until I hang out with my friends; I'll just get high and listen to music for a while. is down. There goes my favorite torrent search engine; I seriously don't use anything else. I really liked their services, I hope whoever made it go down contracts a terrible disease and ceases to exist. P2P shit isn't even that bad. So what if your multi-million dollar piece of shit media that you probably don't care about, all the lawyers and CEOs and whoever care about is the money, gets a dent in sales. I really wish people would stop trying to regulate the internet, it seriously is an impossible task. It's like trying to completely eliminate crime, but then again, if it is like crime, there should still be like police or not. I actually don't think there should be.

update: 9 oct.
Sorry for the quality; took it with my 2mp cellphone camera

I mean so what if unregulated data goes through the internet every day, what's the harm? In the paper the other day the US government foiled a pretty big ring of hackers, like 100 here and 100 in the UK or something. They targeted smaller companies cause they were less sophisticated and began collecting credit card numbers and selling the numbers on the black market. Stuff like that I guess is necessary if you really fuck with people but is downloading stuff stealing? I don't think so. When there is a digital copy of something, that chunk of data should be able to be re-copied and distributed as the user sees fit. Once done so it is completely impossible to recollect said data or attempt to control it. Torrents are so useful for completely legitimate reasons too; had the torrent of the Half life 2 cinematic mod, which is 10 GB. Because so many people where seeding and leeching it, it only took like an hour or two. I'm not sure what I can do about it though, times like these I feel really helpless. It's not all doom and gloom though, not until our government passes some internet control bill which is similar to China's censuring system but much more powerful. If this system is put in place, the US government will not only have the power to completely block undesirable websites, but outright delete them off the face of internet existence. That's right, deleting websites entirely. Sure, websites have been shut down before, but this seems pretty encroaching. What happened to the constitution? I'm pretty sure at least some of you guys have heard about this before. Even so, that's like a micro problem compared to the rest of our country. I wish all the serious problems in the world would be solved so humanity could begin colonizing space. Or invent immortality or something great like that. I think humanity could do it eventually if we're given the chance. Have a good one space farers


  1. Yeah, they should really stop trying to ruin the internet.

  2. Why focus on regulation at all? Just have independent teams of police and stop hampering me. All you will do is piss off the apathetic people you are already trying to control.

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  3. It'll stop soon. One of the problems of entering a new age - this, the Information Age - is that those in power struggle to keep it like the old.
    You know exactly what you are talking about. Well put.

  4. I agree with you're view on P2P. Stopping it is useless, It is going to happen regardless of whatever laws/regulations/bullshit they pass.